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Many young people look for jobs that allow them some personal freedom. Many want to see new places, gain new experience, etc. Some people find it difficult to work in rigid office spaces with a 9 to 5 job. Why not try a career that offers you the freedom to travel and enjoy providing care for the elderly in their own homes.

For the last fifteen years, ENA has been employing holiday travelers in the United Kingdom by offering good jobs. These jobs are tailored to the young traveler’s every need and also guarantee an income that includes accommodation, meals and bills. ENA Work UK looks for live in carers who are friendly, empathetic and enjoy working with the aged, young adults or the elderly in their own homes but also want the freedom to travel.

no jobs单数We offer three month contracts for UK live in aged care jobs that give you enough time to save and plan your next travel adventure. While working on a meaningful job, you can take as much time as you need to travel and return to work when it’s possible as a disability carer for young adults, middle aged or the elderly.

ENA offers this unique opportunity to Australian and New Zealand travelers to apply for work prior to leaving home with ENA Jobs UK – the Australian branch. For UK jobs, we are hiring live in disability support staff, community workers, aged carers and hospitality workers.

Whether it is Live in Disability care jobs UK or Live In Aged Carer Jobs UK, it requires lot of patience, compassion and commitment to do this job. However, it offers you immense satisfaction of having worked toward helping and taking care of someone and at the same time getting the freedom to travel and discover new things.


If you have no prior experience working for the aged or elderly, we provide you quality training and support from our qualified and professional team. ENA is licensed by UK heath authorities and comply to high national standards.

Many of our carers have had an experience in the hospitality industry and this is an added advantage as they have already learnt a lot on the job. The hospitality industry is a demanding one and requires workers to have good communication skills, initiative and organizing abilities. This is what can equip you to do your job as a live in carer. We also encourage hospital staff to apply for our Aged Carer & Hospitality Workers for internships Live In Jobs UK.

If you are a successful applicant with ENA Work UK, you will be asked by us to come to our 4 day (free) training course which runs weekly at our office in England. During training, we provide you with free transfers, accommodation, breakfast and lunch. You will be picked up from our ENA house in the morning and dropped back in the afternoon after the training and this makes you free to spend the rest of the evening as you please.

Freedoms to travel, save and enjoy your life are some of the advantages of this job.

ENA hires live in disability support staff, community workers, aged carers and hospitality workers for UK live in aged care jobs. Previous career experience is not necessary and hospital staff and hospitality workers can apply for Disability care jobs UK. ENA is licensed by UK health authorities and complies with high national standards for Aged Carer & Hospitality Workers for Live In Jobs UK.

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