Few Things Related to Fashion…Indian Fashion… and Fashion Sense!

I feel sorry for them. Reason – they’re trying and when you try, it shows. These guys and girls seem to buy from all the Big Brands and put all the stuff on their body at the same time. Just imagine, how would they look like? Bizarre is the word that comes to my mind and my mouth.

Fashion Sense is Common Sense

Fashion is not that tough to understand and imbibe. It’s all about knowing what suits you and what not. It’s all about wearing what makes you look good. It’s that simple common sense that what looks good on Kareena Kapoor may not look good on you. Be a trend-setter and not a mindless follower.

Fashion Trends for Men

Fashion is not a new thing to India and its inhabitants. It’s been here since the ages of Mohanjodaro and Hadappan Civilisation. Globalization, thought, brought some new developments and some new trends. Look at the recent Fashion Trends for Men and you know what I’m talking about. We’re changing and we’re changing (read it ‘developing’) for a good reason.

Looking to the West

There is no harm in this. Good things are always welcome. However, we, in India, have all the talent and craftsmen, so West can only add to our treasure of knowledge. 

Show Your Best Self to the World

Be original. There is no point in copying what you see in all those Bollywood Film News things. Fashion, as already mentioned above, is wearing clothes that make you look good. And, you need to understand and appreciate this. Once you see this, it becomes easy for you to show your best self.

It’s good to be in the loop of current Indian Fashion trends but don’t become a copycat. Be original. Be authentic. Be the Real You.

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